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'''Olivier Clément''' is a French [[theologian]] who has taught at [[St. Sergius Orthodox Theological Institute (Paris, France)|St. Sergius Institute]] in Paris.
==Books in English==
*''The Roots of Christian Mysticism'' (New City Press, 1996) - ISBN 1565480295
*''Three Prayers: The [[Lord's Prayer]], O Heavenly King, Prayer of Saint Ephrem'' (SVS Press, 2000) - ISBN 0881411973
*''On Human Being: Spiritual Anthropology'' (New City Press, 2000) - ISBN 1565481437
* ''You are Peter: An Orthodox Reflection on the Exercise of Papal Primacy'' (New City Press, 2003) - ISBN 1565481895
* ''The Spirit of Solzhenitsyn'' (Barnes & Noble Books, 1976) - ISBN 0064912124
*"Martyrs and Confessors" ''The Ecumenical Review'' 52:3 (July, 2000), pp. 343-350
*"[http://www.think-israel.org/magister.ramadan.html Be careful of Ramadan's model of Islam]" ''Vita e Pensiero'', December 2003 (scroll down for article)
*[http://www.vatican.va/jubilee_2000/magazine/documents/ju_mag_01041998_p-17_en.html Jesus, the one consecrated by the Holy Spirit] (1998) - On the Vatican's official website
==Audio and video==
*[http://www.dieu-parmi-nous.com/r.videos.html#Olivier%20Clement Two interviews in French]
*[http://www.ad2000.com.au/articles/2003/decjan2003p17_1523.html ''You are Peter'' - Reviewed by Peter Westmore]
*[http://www.firstthings.com/ftissues/ft0411/reviews/deville.htm ''You are Peter'' - Reviewed by Adam A. J. DeVille] ''First Things'' 147 (November 2004)
*"The spiritual person is drunk with the wine of love and that wine is the Spirit, the wine of power and life."
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