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The development of the Old Testament Canon ... is found in the early Koine Greek Septuagint translation of the Jewish scriptures. This translation was widely used by the Early Christians and is the one most often quoted (300 of 350 quotations including many of Jesus' own words) in the New Testament when it quotes the Old Testament.

Books of the Old Testament
Introduction to the Old Testament Canon
The Books of Wisdom 24.Book of Psalms | 25.Book of Job 26.Proverbs 27.Ecclesiastes | 28.Song of Solomon 29.Wisdom of Solomon | 30.Wisdom of Sirach - The Minor Prophets 31.Hosea | 32.Amos | 33.Micah | 34.Joel | 35.Obadiah | 36.Jonah 37.Nahum | 38.Habakkuk | 39.Zephaniah | 40.Haggai | 41.Zachariah 42.Malachi - The Major Prophets 43.Isaiah | 44.Jeremiah | 45.Baruch | 46.Lamentations | 47.Letter of Jeremiah | 48.Ezekiel | 49.Daniel with additions 49.Daniel with additions
Appendix IV Maccabees

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