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{{October 30}}
{{October 30}}
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Apostle Mark

Hieromartyr Zenobius and his sister Zenobia of Aegae in Cilicia; Martyr Eutropia of Alexandria; Martyr Anastasia of Thessaloniki (same as Anastasia the Roman, see October 29); Apostles Tertius, Mark, Justus, Artemas, and Cleopas of the Seventy; Hieromartyr Marcian, Bishop of Syracuse, disciple of St. Peter; Martyrs Alexander, Cronion, Julian, Macarius and 13 companions at Alexandria; Martyr Dometius of Phrygia; Saint Stephen Milutin, King of Serbia, his brother Saint Dragutin (Theoctistus in monasticism), and their mother Saint Helen, of Serbia; Patriarchs Joseph and Kyriakos of Constantinople (see also October 27); Martyr Manuel; Saint Jotham Zedgenidze; Saints Therapont and John the Wonder-workers; Saint Leofric, Earl of Mercia