October 29

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The Holy Trinity

St. Abramius the Recluse (Abraham Kidunaia)

Martyr Anastasia the Roman; Saint Abramius the Recluse and his niece Saint Mary of Mesopotamia; Saint Abramius, archimandrite of Rostov; Saint Anna of Constantinople; Martyrs Claudius, Asterius, Neon, and Theonilla of Aegae in Cilicia; Saint Abramius, recluse of the Kiev Caves; New-hieromartyr Athanasius of Sparta, at Muatanach; Martyr Timothy of Esphigmenou Monastery on Mount Athos; Martyrs Cyril, Menas, and Menaeus; Martyr Melitene of Marcianopolis; Saint Serapion of Zarzma; Saint Ermelindis, hermitess; Saint Colman, Bishop of Kilmacduagh