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{{October 2}}
{{October 2}}
[[Category:Calendar days]]
[[Category:Calendar days|October 02]]

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Our Lord Jesus Christ

Hieromartyr Cyprian, Virgin-Martyr Justina, and Martyr Theoctistus of Nicomedia; Blessed Andrew, Fool-for-Christ at Constantinople; Saint Anna, Right-believing princess of Kashin; Blessed Cyprian of Suzdal, Fool-for-Christ; Saint Cassian, monk of Uglich; Martyrs David and Constantine, princes of Aragvet, Georgia; New-Martyr George of Philadelphia in Asia Minor (Mount Athos); Saint Damaris of Athens; Saint Theophilus the Confessor; Greatmartyr Theodore Gavras of Atran in Chaldea; Martyrs Eleutherios and Roustikos of Athens; Hieromartyr Leger, Bishop of Autun; Righteous Admiral Theodore Ushakov of the Russian Naval Fleet; Repose of Schema-hieromonk Theodosius of Karoulia, Mount Athos.