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{{October 17}}
{{October 17}}
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The Holy Trinity

Prophet Hosea (Osee); Monk-martyr Andrew of Crete; Holy Martyrs and Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian in Cilicia, and their brothers Leontius, Anthimus, and Eutropius; Saint Anthony, Abbot of Leokhnov (Novgorod); Saint Susanna of Georgia; Saint Joseph the Katholikos of Georgia; Saint Nothelm, Archbishop of Canterbury; Saint Regulus of St. Andrew's, Scotland; translation of the relics of Saint Lazarus "of the Four Days" (in the tomb), Bishop of Kition on Cyprus; translation of the relics of Martyr-princes Ethelred and Ethelbricht of Kent; translation of the relics of Saint Ethelreda, Abbess of Ely (see June 23); repose of Elder Athanasius (Zakharov), disciple of St. Paisius Velichkovsky