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{{November 28}}
{{November 28}}
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Our Holy Lady Theotokos

Monk-Martyr and Confessor Stephen the New of Mount Athos; Martyrs Auxentius, Basil, Stephen, two Gregories, John, Andrew, Peter, Anna, and many others; Martyr Hierenarchus and Seven Women-Martyrs at Sebaste; Martyrs at Tiberiopolis: Bishops Timothy and Theodore, Priests Peter, John, Sergius, Theodore and Nicephorus, Deacons Basil and Thomas, Monks Hierotheus, Daniel, Chariton, Socrates, Comasius and Eusebius, and Etymasius; Blessed Theodore, Archbishop of Rostov; Hieromartyr Metropolitan Seraphim of Chichagov; Martyr Hristo of Bulgaria; Virgin-martyr Juthwara of Cornwall; Saint Gregory III, Pope of Rome