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Nikitas, or Nicetas', may refer to any of the following saints:

  • St. Nikitas the Bishop of Hitron of Cyprus (September 15) - He is unknown to the Synaxaristes of the Church but is commemorated by the “Χάκκετ” (which is the History of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, τ. Β', σελ. 202, translation by Χ. Παπαϊωάννου).
  • St. Nikitas the Great Maryr (September 15) - the Gothic
  • St. Nikitas the Confessor (October 13 and April 3)
  • St. Nikitas the New (December 17) - No biographical text is saved on this saint other than a “mention” by a work that is held at the Great Lavra at Mount Athos by the great literary “Θεοδώρου Μουζάλων”, who only mentions his name and a date.
  • Osios Nikitas (February 14) - No information exists on this saint other than a mention
  • St. Nikitas the New and priest-martyr (February 19) - He was from Eipiros of Greece (this is in the North, mainland opposite Corfu) and he became a priest-monk at Mount Athos at the Skete of St. Annes and then at the Russian monastery of St. Panteleimons. He was so passionate about Christ that he then left the mountain to preach the Word in the area of Drama and Serres and denounce Moameth. He was imprisoned by the Turks in Serres and put through extreme tortures including pushing fire into his nostrils, pulling out his nails, burning of his private parts and various other tortures. He endured until the 19th Feb where they hung him.
  • St. Nikitas the Confessor and Bishop of Apolloniadis (March 20) - He lived during the years of the iconoclasts.
  • St. Nikitas the Sinaite (May 12)
  • St. Nikitas the called (Russian) (May 14)
  • Osios Nikitas (May 20)
  • St. Nikitas the Stylite (Russian) May 24)
  • St. Nikitas Archbishop of Chalkida (May 28) -mentioned in the Lavriotik Codex D39.
  • St. Nikitas the Newmartyr from Nisyros (June 21) - (b. 1716 in Nissyros)

Nikitas may also refer to:

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