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Nicholas N Mitropolsky

Archpriest Nicholas N Mitropolsky (b. 31 December 1885, San Francisco, California - ?) was a priest in the United States. He was the son of the missionary priest Rev. Nicholas Egorevich Mitropolsky and nephew to Bishop John (Mitropolsky) of the Aleutians.

Archpriest Nicholas N Mitropolsky was born on 31 December 1885, the son of Nicholas Egorevich Mitropolsky and Maria Kashevaroff, his birth occurring after their return from Alaska. He married Eva Nikolaeff, from Russia, in New York City in 1912, and served in New York City first in a Russian immigrant center, and then in one of New York City's Orthodox churches.

Fr. Mitropolsky was rector of Holy Trinity Cathedral in Chicago from 1919-1923. In 1923, he was transferred to St. Spiridon Church in Seattle, Washington. It was during his tenure here that "Archbishop" Vladimir Alexandrof came to demand church property be ceded to him, though it was his successor that felt the full brunt of these actions. After serving in Seattle, Fr. Mitropolsky was transferred to St. Paul, Minnesota, and later ended up in Salem, Massachusetts.


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