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before=[[Sergius (Tikhomirov) of Japan|Sergius (Tikhomirov)]]
before=[[Sergius (Tikhomirov) of Japan|Sergius (Tikhomirov)]]
title=Bishop of Tokyo|
title=[[Bishop of Tokyo]]
after= Benjamin (Basalyga) }}
after= Benjamin (Basalyga) }}

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His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop Nicholas (Ono) of Japan was consecrated as the ruling bishop of the Church of Japan in 1941 when the militaristic Japanese government required the heads of all religious groups in Japan to be Japanese nationals. He was the first Japanese to be consecrated an Orthodox bishop.

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Fr. Nicholas Ono was a priest in the Church of Japan.

As the Japanese military grew in power within Japan during the 1930s, the government became more and more nationalist and militaristic. In 1940, the government passed laws that all institutions, including religious ones, must be headed by Japanese nationals. Thus, Metr. Sergius, who was the Archbishop of Tokyo and Metropolitan of All Japan, and his choir director, Victor Pokrovsky, as non-Japanese born members, were forced all out of the Church administration. With the forced ‘retirement’ of Metr. Sergius, the government required that a Japanese be enthroned as the ruling bishop. Obeying the edict, a Council of the Japanese Church was held in 1941 that elected Archpriest Nicholas Ono as the new bishop. As he was married, his wife was sent to a monastery in Harbin, Manchuria, which was then ruled by Japan. Fr. Nicholas Ono was then consecrated as the ruling bishop of Japan by Archbishop Nestor of Harbin, who was cooperating with the military government. Thus, Bp. Nicholas became the ‘first’ Japanese Orthodox to be consecrated an Orthodox bishop in Japan and remained in that position until the end of World War II. Subsequently, Bp. Nicholas reconciled himself with the Japanese Orthodox Church before he died.

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Nicholas (Ono) of Japan
Preceded by:
Sergius (Tikhomirov)

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Succeeded by:
Benjamin (Basalyga)
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