Nicetas the Confessor

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Our venerable father Nicetas the Confessor was a monk during the 9th century who was a defender of the veneration of icons. He became abbot of the Mydicia monastery and was imprisoned for his opposition to iconoclasm.


Under the upbringing of his grandmother, St. Nicetas grew as a pious youth, eventually joining the Mydicia monastery. The igumen of this monastery was Saint Nicephorus. Nicetas grew so virtuous in his monastic habit that his fame attracted many to the monastary who wanted achieve salvation. The saint was chosen as igumen of the monastery upon St. Nicephorus' death.

The iconoclast heresy was gaining power when Nicetas became head of the monastery, and its oppressive practices were only increasing. Nicetas was granted the gift of wonderworking at this time. After Emperor Leo the Armenian (r. 813-820) tried to convert monastery leaders to heresy, Nicetas stood strong in opposition. As a result, the igumen was imprisoned. He was then tricked into a false communion by the iconoclasts, in which afterward he repented the deed and only stood stronger against the heretics. He was imprisoned for another six years for defended the veneration of icons.

In 824, St. Nicetas reposed in the Lord. He was buried at the monastery and his relics became a source of healing.