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* [[New Martyrs of Optina Pustyn]] (†1993)
* [[New Martyrs of Optina Pustyn]] (†1993)
* [[Jose Muñoz-Cortes]] (†1997)
* [[Jose Muñoz-Cortes]] (†1997)
* [[Daniil Sysoyev]] (†2009)
* [[Daniel Sysoev]] (†2009)

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The title of New Martyr was originally given to martyrs under heretical rulers (the original martyrs being under pagans), then later to the Church's martyrs under Islam and various modern atheistic regimes, especially Communist.

New Martyrs under the Ottoman yoke

New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia

Serbian New Martyrs

New Martyrs of the Boxer Rebellion

New Martyrs of the Modern Era


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