Nephon I of Constantinople

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Nephon I of Constantinople, (Greek: Νήφων) was the Patriarch of Constantinople during the early part of the fourteenth century, from 1310 to 1314.


Little is known of his life other than that he was from Veria, Greece. He apparently was ill suited to the life of a clergyman and in particular as patriarch. He loved luxury.[1]

It was during Patr. Nephon's patriarchate that the Arsenite schism was finally healed by the senior Church officials. The schism within the patriarchate resulted from the split reaction in the Church when Patr. Arsenius was deposed by emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos for excommunicating him for blinding the youthful co-emperor John IV Laskaris in 1261. This divided the supporters of Patr. Arsenius and the supporters of the emperor and Patr. Joseph I into two camps.[2]

Patr. Nephon I abdicated the patriarchal throne in 1314. The date of his death is not known.


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