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title=[[List of Patriarchs of Jerusalem|Bishop of Jerusalem]]|
title=[[List of Patriarchs of Jerusalem| Patriarch of Jerusalem]]|
years= 1660-1669|
years= 1660-1669|
after=[[Dositheus II Notarius of Jerusalem|Dositheus II Notarius]]}}
after=[[Dositheus II Notarius of Jerusalem|Dositheus II Notarius]]}}

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Nectarius of Jerusalem was Patriarch of Jerusalem from 1660 to 1669. He was a zealous opponent of Cyril Lucaris and the Calvinist movement.


Nectarius was born in Crete in 1605. As a young man, he joined the monastic community at Mount Sinai where he was educated by the monks and subsequently became a monk himself. When he was thirty five years old he journeyed to Athens to study under the Neo-Aristolelian Theophilus Corydalleus

After returning to St. Catherine's Monastery at Sinai, Nectarius was chosen abbot in 1660. Upon reaching Jerusalem where he was to be consecrated abbot, he learned that he had been elected patriarch of Jerusalem. His consecration to the see of Jerusalem was in April 1661. By 1666, Patr. Nectarius sought to be relieved of his duties as patriarch. However, it wasn't until 1669 that Dositheus II Notarius succeeded him.

After his resignation, Nectarius remained in Jerusalem except for a short time when he was driven to Mount Sinai by the Latin monks who came to Palestine with the Roman Catholic crusaders. in 1672, he participated in the Synod of Jerusalem that refuted the Calvinist confessions of Cyril Lucaris.

Nectarius produced a number of writings. Among these he expressed his doctrine of the Eucharist that was strictly orthodox. In other writings he refuted the theses of a certain Peter regarding papal supremacy. He is better known for his recommendation of the Orthodox Confession of the Catholic and Apostolic Eastern Church of Peter Mogila of 1643.

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Nectarius of Jerusalem
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