Monastery of St. John the Forerunner (Anatoli Agias, Greece)

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The Holy Monastery of Saint John the Forerunner is located on the south side of Mount Ossa (Kissavos), four kilometers from the village of Anatoli, in Agia of Thessaly, at an altitude of 1080 meters [1]


The Old monastery

The main structure of the old monastery was founded by the Damian the New of Philotheou (February 14 and 23) around 1550 AD; a smaller section of the monastery dating earlier to ca. 1100 AD. The monastery was founded as a coenobitic community and flourished during the 16th century. Around 1889 AD, the last monk from this community died and the buildings were reposessed by the community of Anatoli who maintained these in good condition up until the civil war of Greece where the monastery was badly damaged.

New monastery

Today the main church is dedicated to the Forerunner which is surrounded by the cells of the monks and the main reception area for the monastery. Close to this church is a chapel which is dedicated to the holy-martyr Demetrios.

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