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[[Image:Stminaavamina.jpg|right|thumb|Bishop Mina AvaMina (1923-1996)]] A 20th century [[Coptic]] Orthodox [[saint]], the late [[Bishop]] '''Mina AvaMina''' (born Soliman Rizk on [[January 23|23 January]] 1923) was the close disciple and private [[Deacon]] of [[Pope]] [[Cyril_VI_(Atta)_of_Alexandria|Kyrillos VI]]. He was also the [[abbot]] of [[St. Mina Monastery (Mariut, Egypt)|St. Mina Monastery in Mariut, Egypt]], from 1972 till his departure in the Lord on [[December 11|11 December]] 1996. God gave Abba Mina Ava-Mina the gift of prescience for he knew who was coming to see him, their needs (before they said a word) and God's answers to them. He also knew the time of his departure.
==Sources and further details==
* [http://www.stmina-monastery.org/AbbaMina_the_Bishop_by_RamezRizkalla.pdf ''Abba Mina the Bishop'' - by Ramez Rizkalla (PDF)]
* http://www.stmina-monastery.org/abbaminaavamina.htm (page includes other photos and video of the saint)
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