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before=Job (Kresovich)|
before=[[Job (Kresovich) of Kazan|Job (Kresovich)]]|
title=[[List of bishops of the Diocese of Kazan|Archbishop of Kazan]]|
title=[[List of bishops of the Diocese of Kazan|Archbishop of Kazan]]|
years=1960 - 1975|
years=1960 - 1975|

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His Eminence Mikhail (Voskresensky) of Kazan was Archbishop of the Diocese of Kazan and Mari of the Church of Russia from 1960 to 1975. He served many of his years as the ruling bishop during the persecutions of the Khrushchev era.


Little is known of the life of Archbishop Mikhail. He joined in the demands of some of the Russian hierarchy for reconsideration of the regulations concerning administration of Russian Orthodox Church that had been adopted under pressure of the secular authorities. The demands were presented, in 1961, in a letter by Abp. Hermogen (Golubev) of Tashkent and Central Asia that Abp. Mikhail signed together with six hierarchs who looked to the realization of reforms in the church.

In spite of the difficulties of these hard years, Abp. Mikhail did not permit the closing of any church in the diocese of Kazan while he held the see.

On May 6, 1968 and, later, on February 7, 1972, Abp. Mikhail ordained the future Archbishop of Kazan and Tatarstan, Anastassy (Metkin), into the Holy Orders, to deacon, and then priest.

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Michael (Voskresensky) of Kazan
Preceded by:
Job (Kresovich)
Archbishop of Kazan
1960 - 1975
Succeeded by:
Panteleimon (Mitryukovsky)
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