Metropolis of Paronaxia

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The Metropolis of Paronaxia, also referred to as the Diocese of Paronaxia, is under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece.


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World famous Paros Church of a Hundred Doors - Ekatontapyliani


The current Metropolitan of Paronaxia is His Emminence Ambriosios II, born Nicholas (Stamenas) in 1922 on the island of Paros.


  1. Metropolitan Region of Paros
  2. Metropolitan Region of Naxos

Local Saints


  1. What we know about St. Theoktisti we owe primarily to St. Symeon Metaphrastes ("the Translator"), renowned primarily for his Lives of the Saints (148 of them).
  2. Theoctiste is from Lesvos, however, due to the Archaeological and Historical importance of her association with the Church of a Hunder Doors - Ekatontopiliani she is also classified as a Parian local saint.

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