Metropolis of Gortyna and Megalopolis

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The Metropolis of Gortyna and Megalopolis (Gr:Γορτυνία and Μεγαλοπολη) is under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece.

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Three male monasteries

  1. The Holy Monastery of St. John the Forerunner, Steminitsa Gortynias
  2. The Holy Monastery of the Dormition of the Theotokos, Megaloupolis
  3. The Holy Monastery of the Dormition of the Theotokos, Baltesinikou

Five female monasteries, their locations Kernitsis, Ampelakiou, Mpouras Falaisias, Kleibokas Gortynias and Makrysiou Megaloupolis.

Local Saints

  • New Hieromartyr Gregory V of Dimitsanis (Gr. Δημητσάνης), Patriarch of Constantinople (April 10)
  • 'Οσιος Λεόντιος ο εκ Στεμνίτσης (3rd day of Pentecost)
  • New-Martyr Euthymis of Dimitsanis and of Mount Athos (May 1)
  • St. Athanasius the New, Wonder-worker and Archbishop of Christianopolis (Gr. Χριστιανουπόλεως) (May 17)
  • Martyr Theodora of Vasta, Arkadias (Gr. η εν Βάστα Αρκαδίας) (September 11)
  • St. Gerasimus of Leontarious, Megalopolis (Gr. εκ Λεονταρίου Μεγαλοπόλεως), Abbot of Mysia (September 15)
  • New-Martyr John (Stamatelopoulos) of Tourkoleka (Gr. Σταματελόπουλος εκ Τουρκολέκα) (October 16)
  • St. Dionysios of Dimitsanis the Wise (Gr. ο Σοφός εκ Δημητσάνης) (November 23)
  • St. Theokletus of Dimitsanis, the Wonder-worker and Archbishop of Lacedemonia (December 1)

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