Metropolis of Glyfada

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The Metropolis of Glyfada (Gr:Γλυφάδα) is under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece and is a new Metropolis divided into five areas with a total of 19 parishes.

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His Eminence Metropolitan Paul of Glyfadas (b. 1943, Syros) was elected the first metropolitan of Glyfada on October 11 2002 and enthroned december 1 2002.


  1. Nine parishes in Glyfada
  2. Two parishes in Ellinikou
  3. Three parishes in Boulas
  4. One parish in Bouliagmenis
  5. Four parishes in Varis


  1. The Holy Cenobitic Monastery of the Holy Trinity and St. Nektarios, Glyfadas (male)

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