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The Metropolis of Demetrias and Almyros is under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece and is divided into eight prelatic areas. There are 178 priests and 9 deacons in service. 23 of the priests are monks and 155 priests are married, 3 deacons are monks and 6 are married. Most of the priests have a degree of Theology or the High Ecclesiastical school, the remaining 29 have completed high school and very few are graduates from primary school alone. There are also 3 preachers who do not serve in a parish and there are 12 priests who are pensioners/retired.


The current metropolitan of the Diocese of Demetrias is His Eminence Ignatios (Georgakopoulos). Since 1988 he has been managing the radio-station "Church of Piraeus 91,2 FM" and since 1992 has been hosting the "Arhontariki" for the ET-1 channel every Sunday morning.

Prelatic areas

  1. Prelatic Area of Aghia
  2. Prelatic Area of Aghialos
  3. Prelatic Area of Almiros
  4. Prelatic Area of Argalasti
  5. Prelatic Area of Velestino
  6. Prelatic Area of Zagora
  7. Prelatic Area of Kanalia
  8. Prelatic Area of Kissos
  9. Prelatic Area of Lafkos
  10. Prelatic Area of Milies
  11. Prelatic Area of Sourpi
  12. Prelatic Area of Pteleos


Near Volos there are four nunneries.

  1. The Holy Monastery of St. Gerasimos at the village of Makrinitsa
  2. The Holy Monastery of the Archangels at the village of St. George of Nileia - Information and pictures (in Greek)
  3. The Holy Monastery of Panagia at St. Vlasios
  4. The Holy Monastery of St. Lawrence at the village of St. Lawrence.

East of Mt Pelion there are two nunneries.

  1. The Holy Monastery of the Precious Forerunner at the village of Syki.
  2. The Holy Monastery of St. Spyridon at the village of Promyrion.


  1. Holy Monastery of 'Ανω Ξενιάς - Information and pictures (in Greek)
  2. Holy Monastery of the Taxiarches, Pilio

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