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The Metropolis of Attica is under the jurisdiction of the Church of Greece. It is divided into eleven regions with a total of 106 parish churches, 50 chapels, 160 country chapels, 40 private chapels, 12 monastery churches and 7 metochia. [1]

Metropolitan of Attica

The throne of this metropolis has been vacant since 2005, when the former Metropolitan Panteleimon was ousted by the Synod amid charges of financial and sexual scandal.[2] Metropolitan Ierotheos of Limnos has since been reported to be interested in seeking a transfer to Attica.citation needed The church is awaiting a decision by the newly enthroned Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens.


  1. Metropolitan Region of Kifissia
  2. Metropolitan Region of Ekali
  3. Metropolitan Region of Amaroussion
  4. Metropolitan Region of Metamorphossis
  5. Metropolitan Region of Acharnae
  6. Metropolitan Region of Ano Liossia
  7. Metropolitan Region of Ileon
  8. Metropolitan Region of Petroupolis
  9. Metropolitan Region of Camatero
  10. Metropolitan Region of New Makri-Marathon
  11. Metropolitan Region of Kapandrete-Oropos

Holy monasteries

  1. Holy Monastery of Paraklitou in Oropos (Attica, Greece)
  2. Holy Monastery of St. Panteleimon in Mavrosouvala (Greece)
  3. Holy Monastery of the Dormition of the Virgin "Kleiston" (Greece) - female convent
  4. Holy Monastery of the Nativity of the Virgin (Dardiza) in Ano Liosia (Greece) -Female convent
  5. Holy Monastery of St. Philothei in Ekali - female convent
  6. Holy Monastery of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary in Markopoulo of Oropos (Attica, Greece) -Female Convent
  7. Holy Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Mati (Attica, Greece) -Female Convent
  8. Holy Monastery of St. Thedosius the Cenobite -Female Convent
  9. Holy Monastery of St. Panteleimon Rapentosis -Female Convent
  10. Holy Monastery of the Panagia Phaneromeni -Female Convent

Spiritual Centres

  1. Spiritual Center of St. George (Kamatero, Greece)
  2. Spiritual Center of St. Constantine and Helen (Nea Makri, Greece)
  3. Spiritual Center of St. Nektarios (Kifisa, Greece)

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