Metropolis of Attica

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The Metropolis of Attica is part of the Church of Greece and is divided into eleven regions with a total of 106 parish churches, 50 chapels, 160 country chapels, 40 private chapels, 12 monastery churches and 7 metochia.

Metropolitan of Attica


1.Metropolitan Region of Kifissia. Archim.Ierotheos Kalogeropoulos, tel.:210-8011 133

2.Metropolitan Region of Ekali. Rev. Constantine Fiorakis,tel. :210-8031 201-fax :210-8041 747

3.Metropolitan Region of Amaroussion.Rev. Chris Maroudas,tel.:210-8028 211- fax: 210-8029 606

4.Metropolitan Region of Metamorphossis. Rev.Dimitrios Papachatzis,tel.:210-2850 060-fax:210-2816 706

5.Metropolitan Region of Acharnae. Rev. Charalambos Triadopoulos,tel.&fax:210-2461 213

6.Metropolitan Region of Ano Liossia. Rev. Anastasios Verropoulos and Rev. Anastasios Bastounis,tel.:210-2469 187- fax:210-2444 744

7.Metropolitan Region of Ileon.

8.Metropolitan Region of Petroupolis. Rev. Constantine Frentzos,tel.&fax :210-5012 027

9.Metropolitan Region of Camatero. Rev. Dimitrios Calivas,tel. 210-2318 977-fax:210-2317 907

10.Metropolitan Region of New Makri-Marathon. Archim. Nikolaos Coumentakis, tel&fax:2294 034383

11.Metropolitan Region of Kapandrete-Oropos. Archim.Daniel Gouvalis,tel&fax:2295 098498

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