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  • For testing and experimentation, please use the <a href="/OrthodoxWiki:Sandbox">Sandbox</a>.
  • Be sure that your edits conform to the official <a href="/OrthodoxWiki:Style_Manual">Style Manual</a>.
  • You're encouraged to create, expand, and improve upon articles; however, bad edits to articles are watched for and will be quickly removed.
  • Please cite your sources so others can check your work.


  • Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all contributions to OrthodoxWiki are considered to be released under a Creative Commons License (see $1 for details). If you don't want your writing to be edited mercilessly and possibly redistributed, then don't submit it here.
  • By submitting your work you promise that you wrote it yourself, obtained explicit permission, or copied it from public domain or similar free resources — this does not include most web pages.