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{{May 9}}
{{May 9}}
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The Prophet Isaiah
St. Shio the Anchorite with the Theotokos and St. John the Forerunner
Schemahieromonk Joseph (Litovkin) of Optina

Prophet Isaiah (8th c. b.c.); Martyr Christopher of Lycia, and with him Martyrs Callinica and Aquilina, and 200 soldiers (249); Saint Maximus III of Jerusalem, Patriarch (350); Venerable Shio the Anchorite of Georgia (6th c.); Monk-martyr Nicholas of Vouneni, in Thessaly (901); Saint Beatus, Apostle of Switzerland (2nd c.); Martyr Epimachus of Pelusium, at Alexandria (250); Martyr Gordion at Rome (362); Saint John of Châlon, third Bishop of Châlon-sur-Saône in France (ca.475); Saint Gerontius, bishop of Cervia near Ravenna in Italy, martyr (ca. 501); Saint Constantine, Martyr, Scottish king who gave up his crown and joined Saint David's monastery at Menevia, Wales (576); Saint Sanctan, Bishop of Kill-da-Les and Kill-na-Sanctan near Dublin in Ireland (6th c.); Blessed Adalgar, third archbishop of Hamburg-Bremen (909); Saint Vincent, Abbot of St Peter de Montes in Spain, a disciple and successor of St. Gennadius of Astorga (ca. 950); Saint Gregory, Bishop of Ostia (ca.1044); Saint Dmitry Donskoy, Prince of Moscow (1389); New Hieromartyr Methodius of Amaria, Crete (1793); Schemahieromonk Joseph (Litovkin) of Optina(1911); New Hieromartyr Demetrius, priest (1938); New Hieromartyr Basil, priest (1939); All Holy New Martyrs of Slobozhanschyna (Slobodskaya), Ukraine (see also May 19); Other Commemorations: Translation of the relics (1087) of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker (ca.345) from Myra to Bari; Zaraysk Icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker (1225); Translation of the relics (1775) of Child-martyr Gabriel of Slutsk (1690).