May 28

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Icon of the Mother of God "the Softener of Evil Hearts"

Hieromartyr Eutychius of Melitene, Bishop of Melitene (1st c.); Woman martyr Heliconis of Thessalonica (Elikonidos) (244); Saint Alexander, Bishop of Thessalonica (4th c.); Hieromartyr Helladius of the East, bishop (6th-7th c.) (see also May 27); Saint Nicetas of Medikion, Archbishop of Chalcedon, courageous defender of Orthodoxy against the iconoclastic heresy (early 9th c.); Blessed Andrew of Constantinople, Fool-for-Christ of Constantinople (911); Martyrs Crescens, Paul, Dioscorides and Helladius, of Rome (244); Martyrs Aemilius, Felix, Priamus, and Lucian, in Sardinia; Saint Senator of Milan, Bishop of Milan, (480); Hieromartyr Caraunus (Ceraunus, Cheron), Deacon, near Chartres (5th c.); Saint Justus of Urgell, first recorded Bishop of Urgell, in Catalonia in Spain (527); Saint Germain of Paris (Germanus), Bishop, was given the title of 'father of the poor' (576); Saint William of Gellone, built a monastery at Gellone in France, later named Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert (812); Saint Podius, Bishop of Florence from 990, and Confessor (1002); Venerable Virgin-Martyr Philothea (Philothea of Argeș), Wonderworker (12th c.) (see also December 7); Saint Ignatius of Rostov, Bishop and Wonderworker (1288); Saint Gerontius, Metropolitan of Moscow (1489); Venerable Sophronius of Bulgaria, Monk (1510); New Martyr Demetrius (Mitros) of Tripolitsa (1794); New Hieromartyr Zachariah, Priest of Prusa (1802); Saint Helen (Manturova), Nun of Diveyevo (1832); Blessed Domnica (Likvinenko), Ascetic of Cherson (1967); Hieromartyrs Macarius, and Nicholas (Deacon) (1931); Martyrs Dionisius, Ignatius and Peter (1931); Hieromartyr Heraclius, Confessor (1936); Hieromartyr Basil (Preobrazhensky), Priest (1940); Virgin-Martyr Hermogenas (1942); Other Commemorations: Icon of the Mother of God of Nicea (304); Icon of the Mother of God "the Unbreakable Wall"; Icon of the Mother of God "the Softener of Evil Hearts"; Synaxis of the Galich "Umilenie-Tenderness" Icon of the Mother of God (1350).