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{{May 15}}
{{May 15}}
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Saint Pachomius the Great
Saint Dymphna of Geel

The Seven Apostolic Men, Martyr Bishops, ordained in Rome by Saints Peter and Paul and sent to evangelize Spain (1st c.): Saints Torquatus, Ctesiphon, Secundus, Indaletius, Caecilius, Hesychius, and Euphrasius; Saint Achilles, Bishop of Larissa (330); Saint Pachomius the Great, founder of cenobitic monasticism(348); Saint Silvanus of Tabennisi (in the Thebaid) (4th c.); Saint Barbarus the Myrrh-gusher of of Corfu (or Kerkyra) (c.820-829); Saint Panegyrios of Cyprus (Panigerios), Wonderworker of Malounta; Martyrs Cassius, Victorinus, Maximus, and their companions, in the Auvergne in France (ca.264); Martyr Simplicius, Bishop, in Sardinia (ca.284-305); Virgin recluse Caesarea of Otranto; Saint Hilary of Galeata (Hilary of Tuscany), founder of the monastery called Galeata, later known as Sant'Ilaro (Sant'Ellero di Galeata) (558); Saint Colmán of Oughaval (Colman mac Ua Laoighse, Colman Mc O'Laoighse), a disciple of St Columba and St Fintan of Clonenagh (6th c.); Virgin-martyr Dymphna of Geel, Flanders (ca. 650); Saint Waldalenus, founder of monastery of Bèze in France (7th c.); Saint Bercthun (Bertin, Brithun), a disciple of St John of Beverley and first Abbot of Beverley in England (733); Saint Bertha of Bingen (ca.757), and her son Saint Rupert of Bingen (732); Saint Isaiah of Rostov, Bishop and Wonderworker (1090); Saint Isaiah of the Kiev Caves, Wonderworker (1115); Saint Andrew the Hermit, of Mt. Kalana, Epirus, Wonderworker (ca.1237-1271); Saint Pachomius of Nerekhta, Abbot (1384) and Saint Silvanus of Nerekhta (1384); Saint Euphrosynus of Pskov (Eleazar), Abbot and Wonderworker (1481); Saint Serapion of Pskov, disciple of St Euphrosynus of Pskov (1481) (see also September 8); Saint Pachomius of Keno Lake Monastery (1525) (see also January 31 - Slavonic); Blessed Demetrius of Moscow the Wonderworker (Dmitry of Uglich and Moscow), Slain Crown Prince (1591); Saint Macarius (Glukharev) of the Altai, Archimandrite (1847); Saint Arethas of Valaam and Verkhoturye (1903); New Hieromartyrs: Archbishop Pachomius (Kedrov) of Chernigov (1938), his brother Archbishop Abercius (Kedrov) of Zhitomir (1937), their father, Priest Nicholas (Kedrov) (1936), and their brother-in-law, Priest Vladimir (Zagarsky) (1937); Other Commemorations : Discovery of the revered icon of Kamoulianos "Acheiropoieta" ("made without human hands"); Uncovering of the relics (1846) of Saint Tikhon, Bishop of Voronezh, Wonderworker of Zadonsk (1783) (see also May 14 - Slavonic); Translation of the sacred relics of the Holy Apostle Titus of Crete, from Venice (which had taken the relics in 1669), back to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Crete (1966).