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Our father among [[saint]]s '''Maximus I of Pec'''' (Maksim (Skopljanac) ('''Свети Максим патријарх српски''')) was the Serbian [[Patriarch]] from 1655 to 1672. His Feast day is [[August 30]] in [[Julian Calendar]].
Maksim  was born in Skoplje, so he was called Skopljanac (Man from Skoplje.)  He was [[Metropolitan]] of Ras and Novi Pazar before he was elected to episcopal throne of [[Sava of Serbia|Saint Sava]]. When Patriarch Gavrilo wrote to Serbia for the metropolitans to elect a new patriarch, the metropolitans elected Maksim as the new Patriarch. He was a well educated man. He was a book collector and donated many books to the monasteries. He, like other patriarchs, often visited his flock. He visited Šišatovac [[Monastery ]] in 1661. On Pascha 1671, he visited Nikolje Kablarsko. The [[Church]] of St. Nicholas in Peć Monastery was painted through his efforts. Patr. Maksim also founded the town of Peć in 1674. He visited Valachia in 1661 to ask for material support. He also dealt with aggressive Roman Catholic proselitism.
Patr. Maksim suffered a stroke in 1669. When he suffered this stroke, the [[archimandrite]] of Peć Monastery [[Arsenius III (Carnojevic) of Pec|Arsenije]] was elected Metropolitan of Hvosno and coadjutor for the Patriarch. When it was clear that patriarch's condition would not improve Arsenije was elected patriarch.
Patr. Maksim died on [[October 29]], 1680 in Peć Monastery. He is canonized soon after his death.
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