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His Holiness Maxim (Minkov), Patriarch of Bulgaria and Bishop of Sofia, was the primate of the Church of Bulgaria from 1971 until his death on November 6, 2012.


His Holiness Maxim was born Marin Naydenov Minkov on October 29, 1914 in the village of Oreshak, near the town of Troyan. Marin received his theological education at the Sofia Seminary of St. John of Rila and the Orthodox Theological Department of Sofia University.

In 1941, he was tonsured and received the name Maxim and then entered the Holy Orders. In 1955, he was named secretary general of the Holy Synod. In 1956, he was consecrated with the titular Bishop of Branit. In 1960, he was elected Metropolitan of Lovech, and then on July 4, 1971, he was elected Patriarch of Bulgaria.

Patr. Maxim led the Church of Bulgaria during much of the period of the communist dictatorship and the transition of Bulgaria to a non-communist state. During much of this period the Church of Bulgaria was split into to warring Synods.

Patriarch Maxim passed away November 6, 2012, a few days after his 98th birthday.

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Maxim (Minkov) of Bulgaria
Preceded by:
Bishop of Branit
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Metropolitan of Lovech
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Preceded by:
Cyril (Markov)
Patriarch of Bulgaria
and Metropolitan of Sofia

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