Matrona of Thessalonica

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St. 'Matrona of Thessalonica is commemorated by the church March 27.


St Matrona was the servant of a Jewish woman named Pantilla, the wife of the Governor of Thessalonica. When Matrona refused to follow her mistress into the synagogue, Pantilla beat her so severly that she died a few days later, and thus received the crown of her confession. [1]


The book of the Miracles of Saint Demetrius mentions a church dedicated to Saint Matrona (This church, which was near the Via Egnatia, is also mentioned by the Archbishop of Thessaloniki, Alexander.) In the account of the saint’s deeds we read: “Άθλησις της Αγίας Μάρτυρος Ματρώνης εκ πόλεως Θεσσαλονίκης. Αυτή θεράπαινα υπήρξε Παντίλλης τινός Ιουδαίας, γυναικός στρατοπεδάρχου εν τη Θεσσαλονικέων πόλει”, which translates "Miracle of the Holy Martyr Matrona of Thessaloniki. She cured a Jewess named Pantilla, the wife of a garrison commander in the city of the Thessalonians." [2].


Kontakion in the Fourth Tone

O Lord Jesus, unto You Your lamb cries with a great voice, "O my Bridegroom, You I love; and seaking You, I now contest, and with Your baptism I am crucified and buried. I suffer for Your sake, that I may reign with You; for Your sake I die, that I may live in /you. Accept me, offered out of longing to You as a splotless sacrifice". Lord, save our souls through her intercessions, since You are great in mercy.


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