Martin the Confessor

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Saint Martin the Confessor, Pope of Rome, was a valiant defender of the Roman Church who suffered greatly in order to preserve the divinity of Christ against the Monothelite heresy during the 7th century. He was the last Pope of Rome to be martyred. He is widely venerated in the East on April 14 (November 12 in the West).

Life of the Saint

Born in Tuscany, Saint Martin was educated with Church doctrine and joined the clergy of the Roman Church. After Pope Theodore I’s death in 649, the saint was chosen to succeed him.

During his papacy, the Monothelete heresy began to question Church doctrine. The heretics were able to find adherents in high levels of society, such as Emperor Constans (641 – 668) and Patriarch Paul of Constantinople (641 – 654). Emperor Constans even published a book entitled “Pattern of Faith