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{{March 19}}
{{March 19}}
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St. Chrysanthus, Martyr

Martyrs Chrysanthus and Daria, and those with them at Rome: Claudius the Tribune, his wife Hilaria, their sons Jason and Maurus, the priest Diodorus, and the deacon Marianus; Martyr Pancharius at Nicomedia (302); Saints Quintus, Quintilla, Quartilla, Mark and Companions, martyrs venerated in Sorrento near Naples in Italy; Saints Apollonius and Leontius (Leontinus), by tradition early Bishops of Braga in Portugal (4th century); Saint Auxilius, a companion of St Patrick, became Bishop of Killossey (near Naas, County Kildare) in Ireland (c. 460); Saint John the Syrian of Pinna, a Syrian monk who settled in Pinna near Spoleto in Italy and became abbot of a large monastic colony there for 44 years (6th century); Saint Leontius of Saintes, Bishop of Saintes (640); Saint Adrian, disciple of St Landoald, murdered while begging alms for his monastery near Maastricht in the Netherlands (c. 668); Saints Landoald and Amantius, a priest and deacon who helped enlighten what is now Belgium and north-eastern France, founded the church at Wintershoven (c. 668); Saint Lactan, born near Cork in Ireland, St Comgall entrusted him to found a monastery at Achadh-Ur, now Freshford, in Kilkenny (672); Saint Alcmund (Alchmund of Derby, or of Lilleshall), martyred in Shropshire (c. 800) Saint Gemus, a monk, probably at Moyenmoutier in Alsace, whose relics were enshrined at Hürbach; Righteous Mary (Maria Shvarnovna), wife of Vsevelod III (1206); Saint Bassa, nun, of the Pskov-Caves Monastery (1473); Venerable Innocent of Komel the Wonderworker, in Vologda (1521), disciple of St. Nilus of Sora; New Martyr Demetrius, at Constantinople (1564); Saint Sophia of Slutsk and Minsk, descendant of the Sovereigns of the Kyivan-Rus' (1612); New Martyr Nicholas Karamanos of Smyrna (1657); Saint John Blinov, Confessor (1932); New Martyr Matrona Alexeeva (1938); Saint Symeon (Popovic), Archimandrite of Dajbabe Monastery, Montenegro (1941); Other Commemorations: Smolensk "Umileniye" ("Tender Feeling", "Sweet-Kissing") Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos; Icon of the Mother of God of Lubyatov (15th century).