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Righteous Aaron the High Priest, brother of Prophet Moses the God-seer (c. 1530 BC); Righteous Phineas, grandson of Aaron (c. 1500 BC) (see also September 2); Holy Nine Martyrs in the Persian Empire; Saint Gregory the Dialogist, Pope of Rome (604) (see also September 3); Venerable Theophanes the Confessor of Sigriane (818) Venerable Saints Symeon the New Theologian (1022), and his elder, Symeon the Studite (Symeon the Reverent, the Pious), of the Studion Monastery (987); Saint Cyrus (Abba-Cyr), monk of Alexandria (6th century); Martyr Mamilian (Maximilian), in Rome; Martyr Maximilian (Maximilian of Tebessa), in Thebeste in Numidia, for refusing military service (295); Saint Paul Aurelian (Paul de Léon, Pawl Hen), Bishop of Saint Pol-de-Lèon in Brittany, Confessor (572); Saint Peter the Deacon, disciple, secretary and companion of St Gregory the Great, and patron-saint of Salussola in Italy (c. 605); Saint Mura McFeredach (Muran, Murames), Abbot of Fahan in County Donegal, patron-saint of Fahan where his cross still stands (c. 645); Saint Alphege the Bald, (Ælfheah the Elder, Ælfheah the Bald), Bishop of Winchester, England (951); Saint Nicodemus of Mammola in Calabria (990); Venerable Lawrence the Martyr (Lavrentios), one of the "300 Allemagne Saints" in Cyprus (12th century); Martyr Demetrius the Devoted, King of Georgia (1289); Saint Stephen Dragutin of Serbia (monk Theoctistus Dragutin), (1316); Saint Alexander Derzhavin, Priest, Confessor (1933); New Hieromartyr Vladimir (Volkov), Archimandrite of Islavskoe, Moscow (1938); New Hieromartyr John Plekhanov, Priest (1938); New Hieromartyr Sergius Skvortsov, Priest (1943); Other Commemorations: Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos "Not-Made-by-Hands" (on the Pillar) at Lydda. Repose of Schema-monk Anthony the Gorge-dweller, of Zelenchug Monastery in Kuban (1908); Restoration of the Autocephaly of the Georgian Orthodox and Apostolic Church (1917).