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'''Malatius Hussney''' was the name of two [[priest]]s, father and son, who served in Australia.
The Very Reverend '''Malatius Hussney''' was the rector of St George Antiochian Orthodox Church between 1953 and 1964.
During this time, the foundation stone of the parish of St George was laid by Archbishop Theophylactos in October 1953, and the first services in the as-yet unfinished church were held at Easter of 1954. The iconostasis was finished in 1956.
*The V. Rev. [[Exarch]] '''[[Malatius Hussney (Sydney)|Malatius Hussney]]''' was exarch of the [[Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand|Antiochian Orthodox Church in Australia and New Zealand]], and [[parish]] priest of St George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Sydney, NSW, Australia.
*The Rev. Fr '''[[Malatius (Essam) Hussney|Malatius Hussney]]''', son of the Exarch, was parish priest of St Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Fr Malatius Hussney left St George and the position of Exarch around 1964.  His son, also Fr Malatius Hussney, served at the church of St Nicholas, Melbourne, from 1968-77.
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before=V. Rev. Exarch [[Nicholas Shehadie]]|
title=Exarch of Australia<br>([[Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia, New Zealand, and All Oceania|Church of Antioch]])|
after=Fr [[George Heydar]] (1948-62)<br>then Fr [[Nicholas Mansour]] (1962-69)}}
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Malatius Hussney was the name of two priests, father and son, who served in Australia.