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title=[[List of Archbishops of Cyprus|Archbishop of Cyprus]]|
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[[Category: Bishops]]
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[[Category: Archbishops of Cyprus]]

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His Beatitude Makarios I (Christodoulides) of Cyprus was Archbishop of Nea Justiniana and All Cyprus and the ruling hierarch of the Church of Cyprus from 1854 to 1865.


He was born in the village of Prodromos on the island of Cyprus. The date of his birth is unknown. His family surname was Christodoulides. His religious education began at Trooditissa Monastery on Cyprus and continued at Kykkos Monastery. Other details of his early life is unknown including his early ecclesiastical life.

Makarios was elected archbishop of Cyprus on August 26, 1854 succeeding Kyrillos I, who had died on August 5, 1854. While archbishop of Cyprus, Makarios pursed a coarse of establishing schools throughout the rural areas of Cyprus in an effort to combat illiteracy among the people. He is especially remembered for founding the first school for girls on the island, the Faneromeni School in Nicosia. He wrote requests to the Grand Vizier, a Cypriot, in Constantinople seeking to reduce the tax burden by written requests.

Abp. Makarios died on August 16, 1865, in Nicosia, from cholera, having refused to leave the city when an epidemic broke out.


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Makarios I (Christodoulides) of Cyprus
Preceded by:
Kyrillos I
Archbishop of Cyprus
Succeeded by:
Sophronios III
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