St. John of Damascus, patron saint of OrthodoxWiki
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The OrthodoxWiki editors have taken St. John of Damascus as their heavenly patron and intercessor as they seek to further the worship and knowledge of the All-Holy Trinity and the faith of the Orthodox Church by means of these pages.

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Today's feasts

January 17 2018:

St. Anthony the Great

Venerable and God-bearing father Anthony the Great, father of monasticism; Martyr Jonilla and her infant son Turbo (ca. 161-180) - (see also: January 16); Saint Theodosius the Great, Emperor of Rome (395); Venerable Achilles the Confessor, hermit of Egypt (5th c.); Venerable Anthony the New Wonderworker, of Veria in Greece, near the Haliacmon river (11th c.); Saints Genulfus and Genitus, two monks who lived in Celle-sur-Naton in France (ca.3rd c.); Venerable Antony, Merulus and John, three monks at St Andrew's on the Coelian Hill in Rome (6th c.); Saint Nennius (Ninnidh), disciple of St Finian of Clonard, reckoned as one of the 'Twelve Apostles of Ireland' (6th c.); Saint Sulpicius II Pius (Severus the Pious), Bishop of Bourges (647); Saint Mildgyth, Abbess of Minster (ca.676); Saint Richimirus, founder of the monastery later called Saint-Rigomer-des-Bois (715); Saint Joseph of Freising, Bishop of Freising (764); Saint Anthony the Roman of Novgorod, Abbot (1147); Saint Anthony, Abbot of Dymsk in Novgorod (1224); Saint Anthony of Chernoezersk (Anthony of Black Lake), monk (ca.14th c.); Saint Anthony of Krasny Kholm, monk (1481); Venerable Anthony of Meteora (Anthony Kantakouzènos), founder and Abbot of the Monastery of St. Stephen at Meteora (15th c.); Venerable Philotheos of Meteora, second founder of the Monastery of St. Stephen at Meteora (16th c.); Saint Macarius (Kalogeras), Hierodeacon, of Patmos (1737); New Martyr George of Ioannina (1838); New Hieromartyr Victor, Priest (1931); New Hieromartyr Paul, Priest (1938); Other Commemorations: Repose of St. Anthony, Bishop of Vologda (1588) - (feast day October 26); Repose of Schema-abbot Herman of Zosima Hermitage (1923); Repose of Archimandrite Tikhon (Bogoslovtsev) of Inkerman (1950); Repose of Bishop Sava (Sarachevich) of Edmonton (1973).

( January 4 2018: Julian Calendar )

The Baptism of Christ

Venerable Hagioritic Monk-Martyrs

Forefeast of the Theophany of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; Synaxis of the Holy Seventy Apostles; Martyr Djan Darada, the Ethiopian eunuch of Queen Candace (1st c.); Martyrs Chrysanthus and Euthymia; Martyrs Zosimas the Hermit and Athanasius the Commentarisius (prison warden), anchorites of Cilicia (3rd-4th c.); Venerable Theoprobus of Karpasia, Bishop of Karpasia in Cyprus (4th c.); Righteous Apollinaria the Senator (5th c.); Venerable Evagrius (Evargresi, fellow-ascetic of St. Shio of Mgvime), with St. Elias the Deacon, and other Disciples of the Thirteen Syrian Fathers, of the Shio-Mgvime Monastery in Georgia (6th c.); The Holy Six Martyrs; Saint Euthymius the Younger of Thessalonica (Euthymius the New), monk; Venerable Timothy the Stylite (872); Saint Linus, the first Pope of Rome (ca.76) (in the East: Jan 4 and Nov 5); Saint Clement I, one of the Seventy Apostles, third Pope of Rome (ca.101) (in the East: Jan 4, Apr 22, Sept 10 and Nov 25); Saint Mavilus (Majulus), a martyr in Hadrumetum in North Africa, thrown to wild beasts at the time of Caracalla (212); Martyrs Priscus, Priscillian and Benedicta, in Rome (ca.361-363); Martyr Dafrosa (Affrosa), the mother of St Bibiana, martyred in Rome under Julian the Apostate (ca.361-363); Martyrs Aquilinus, Geminus, Eugene, Marcian, Quintus, Theodotus and Tryphon, in North Africa under the Arian Hunneric, King of the Vandals (ca.484); Saint Gregory of Langres, Bishop of Langres in Gaul, renowned for miracles (539-540); Saint Ferreolus of Uzès, Bishop of Uzès (581); Saint Pharäildis (Vareide, Verylde, Veerle), one of the patron-saints of Ghent (ca.740); Saint Rigobert, Archbishop of Rheims and Confessor (ca.745); Venerable Theoctistus of Sicily, Abbot at Cucomo (Coucouma, Coucoumis) in Sicily (800); Saint Libentius (Liäwizo I), born in Swabia in Germany, became Bishop of Hamburg in 988 (1013); Venerable Hieromartyr Abbot Euthymius, and 12 Monk-martyrs of Vatopedi Monastery, on Mt. Athos, who suffered martyrdom for denouncing the Latinizing rulers Michael Paleologos and John Bekkos as heretics (ca.1285); Repose of St. Eustathius I of Serbia (Eustace of Serbia, Jevstatije I), first Archbishop of Serbia (1286); Saint Aquila (Aquilae, Achillios), Deacon of the Kiev Caves Monastery (14th c.); Venerable Symeon of Smolensk, Metropolitan of Smolensk (1699); New Monk-martyr Onuphrius Manassias of Gabrovo and Chilandar Monastery, Mt. Athos, on Chios (1818); Saint Nikiforos the Leper (1964); New Hieromartyr Alexander, Bishop; New Martyr Uvelicius; New Martyr Amma; New Hieromartyr Alexander Yuzefovitch, Priest, at Alma-Ata (1921); New Hieromartyr Philip Gregoriev, Protopresbyter, at Alma-Ata (1933); New Hieromartyr Stephen, Priest (1933); New Hieromartyr Nicholas Maslov, Priest, at Alma-Ata (1939); New Hieromartyr Paul, Priest (1941); Other commemorations: Finding of the holy relics (January 4, 1974) of New Martyr John the ex-Muslim of Konitsa (John of Ioannina) († September 23, 1814), in the Holy Monastery of Prousou in Evrytania, Greece.

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