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According to the Gospel of Matthew (2:1-16), the wise men or Magi followed a star to the birth place of Christ. It was written that they were from the east and that they brought three gifts to Christ; gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Since there were three gifts, it has been inferred that there were three Magi.

The names for the Magi vary in different traditions. In Latin tradition dating from the seventh century, they are given as Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar. The Eastern feast day of the Magi is December 25. The traditional Western commemorations are January 1 for St Gaspar, January 6 for St Melchior, and January 11 for St Balthasar.

There are numerous variations of the names of the Magi in Greek but the most common variation is for the name Gaspar which in Greek is Ιάσπερος (yiasperos) which translates into English as Jasper.

The name day for anyone with the name Jasper, Gaspar, Melchior or Balthasar is December 25.

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