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*[http://www.stherman.com/catalog/chapter_fourteen/orthodoxword.htm The Orthodox Word]
*[http://www.stherman.com/catalog/chapter_fourteen/orthodoxword.htm The Orthodox Word]
Divine Ascent
*[http://www.divineascent.org/divineascent9.php Divine Ascent]
==Jurisdictional and Diocesan Publications==
==Jurisdictional and Diocesan Publications==

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By Title

  • Christian Life - Quarterly publication of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, with articles about the history, teachings and practices of the Orthodox Church.
  • Foma - Orthodox Christian journal for doubting Thomases.
  • Jacob's Well - Official magazine of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey featuring news and topical articles of Orthodox faith.
  • Orthodox Observer - Monthly magazine of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America featuring news on the Orthodox Church, Archdiocese, Dioceses, profiles, and editorials.
  • Orthodox Tradition - A publication dedicated to the "spiritual education and re-education of the Orthodox world." Sections include "The Orthodox Psychologist", "Questions and Answers", "Church News", and "Book Reviews"
  • Orthodox Vision - Official publication for the Diocese of the West of the Orthodox Church in America.
  • Orthodoxy Today - Features articles examining contemporary social and cultural issues primarily from an Orthodox Christian viewpoint, but also includes articles from authors of other traditions.
  • Pravoslavie.Ru - Online magazine about Orthodox Christianity in Russia.
  • Redeeming the Time - Weekly "spiritual journal" from St Nicholas Orthodox Church, Dallas, Texas.
  • Sedmitza - Comprehensive Russian Orthodox Church news coverage.

By Category

For Kids

Pan-Orthodox Organizations

Women's Magazines

  • The Handmaiden- is a quarterly journal that provides a vital, vibrant community for Orthodox Christian women. It's a place where Orthodox life and spirituality are discussed, and people of all ages, jurisdictions, and backgrounds come together to learn, share, and grow.
  • St. Nina's Quarterly - A journal for and by Eastern Orthodox Women and other interested people, published by the Women's Orthodox Ministries & Education Network (WOMEN), an international organization dedicated to exploring, celebrating, and cultivating the rich and diverse gifts of women and men in the Orthodox Church.

Monastic Publications

Jurisdictional and Diocesan Publications

Antiochian Archdiocese

The Word Magazine

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese


Seminary Journals

St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly

Holy Cross Journal

St. Tikhon's Journal


Greek Orthodox Observer

Non-Chalcedonian Publications