Little St. Anne Skete's Fathers (Athos)

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Little St. Anne Skete is a monastic community on Mount Athos which is a dependency of the Great Lavra. The following is a list of some of the elders and righteous fathers who struggled at this skete.

Elder Peter

Born in 1891 in Lemnos, Elder Peter came to the Holy Mountain and was tonsured at the age of 30 at the Cell of Righteous Neilos, being given the name of Righteous Peter the Athonite. After being temporarily exiled due to political activities (which he repented for), he went to Katounakia and lived in a hut belonging to Little St. Anne Skete. He was revered amongst the fathers there, and he was known for his innocence and childlikeness. He reposed in his sixty-seventh year, on his namesday, in 1958.

See also

  • Elder Joseph the Hesychast, who also struggled at Little St. Anne Skete with his brotherhood.