List of parishes in the North Island (NZ)

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The North Island of New Zealand is in one archdiocese, one metropolis, one diocese, one vicariate and one deanery.

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  • Antiochian Orthodox Parish of St George. Rector: Rev. Fr George Bosauder. Language: Arabic and English.
  • Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity. Rector: Rev. Fr Jacob Cohen. Language: Greek, English
  • Russian Orthodox Church of the Resurrection of Christ (ROCOR). Rector: Archpriest Vladimir Boikov. Language: Slavonic and English.
  • Serbian Orthodox Church of St King Milutin. Rector: Priest Milan Radulovic. Language: Slavonic.


  • Greek Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration of our Lord. Rector: served irregularly by Metropolis clergy. Language: Greek.

Palmerston North

  • Greek Orthodox Church of St John the Baptist. Rector: served irregularly by Wellington clergy. Language: Greek.
  • Russian Orthodox Community of St Michael the Archangel (ROCOR). Rector: Hmk Ambrose. Language: English and Slavonic.

New Plymouth

  • Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas. Rector: Served monthly by Priest from the Metropolis. Language: English, Greek. Phone Number: (06) 7533438. Address: 201 Carrington Street, New Plymouth.


  • Antiochian Orthodox Parish of Saint George. Rector: Rev Fr (Dr) Ian J Nield. Language: English (and others as needed).
  • Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation. Rector: Rev. Fr George Serras. Language: Greek, English.
  • Greek Orthodox Church of St Andrew the First-Called. Rector: Archim. Theologian. Language: Greek, English.
  • Greek Orthodox Church of St Nektarios. Rector: served irregularly by Wellington clergy. Language: Greek.
  • Romanian Orthodox Church of St Mary. Rector: Rev. Fr Marian Dinca. Language: Romanian.
  • Russian Orthodox Church of Christ the Saviour (ROCOR). Rector: served twice-monthly by Hmk Ambrose and Rev Fr Vladimir Boikov. Language: Slavonic.
  • Serbian Orthodox Church of St Sava. Rector: Hmk Lazar Caran. Liturgies served twice-monthly. Language: Serbian.

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