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List of parishes in the Australian Capital Territory

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  • Antiochian Orthodox Mission of St. Ignatius, Farrer. Language: English.
  • Greek Orthodox Parish-Community of St. Nicholas, Kingston.
  • Russian Orthodox Parish of St. John the Baptist (ROCOR), Canberra. Rector: V. Rev. Fr. Alexander Morozov. Language: Slavonic. [1]
  • Russian Orthodox Mission of St Stephen of Perm, Canberra (ROCOR). Rector: Rev. Fr. George Robinson. Language: English. [2]
  • Serbian Orthodox Parish of St George, Forrest. Language: Serbian.
  • Serbian Orthodox Parish of St Sava, Farrer. Language: Serbian.


nb. Queanbeyan is in New South Wales, but is listed here for reasons of proximity.
  • Greek Orthodox Parish of St. Demetrius, Queanbeyan.

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