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The parishes of the '''Church of Japan''' are organized into three dioceses: the '''Diocese of Western Japan''', '''the Diocese of Tokyo''', and the '''Diocese of Eastern Japan'''.
== Diocese of Western Japan==
*St. John of Damascus Church
*Protection of the Theotokos Church
*Holy Apostle James Church
*Dormition of the Theotokos Church
*Annunciation Cathedral
*Annunciation Church
*Protection of the Theotokos Church
*Descent of the Holy Spirit Church
*Holy Apostle and Evangelist Matthew Church
== Diocese of Tokyo==
*Ascension of Our Lord Church
*St Nicholas of Japan Church
*Descent of the Holy Spirit Church
*Nativity of Our Lord Church
===Tokyo ===
*[[Holy Resurrection Cathedral (Tokyo, Japan)|Holy Resurrection Cathedral]],  Kanda
*Nativity of Our Lord Church,  Yamate
*Protection of the Holy Virgin Church
==Diocese of Eastern Japan==
=== Hakodate ===
*Holy Resurrection of Our Lord Church
=== Hokushika ===
*Annunciation of the Theotokos Church
=== Ishinomaki ===
*St. John the Evangelist Church
=== Ichinoseki ===
*Ascension <!-- of Our Lord? --> Church
=== Iwayadou ===
*Nativity of Our Lord Church
=== Jogezutsumi ===
*Protection of the Theotokos Church
=== Kamimusa ===
* Dormiton of the Theotokos Church
=== Kamiiso ===
*Ascension of Our Lord Church
=== Kannari ===
*St. John the Apostle Church
=== Kushiro ===
*[http://www.orthodox-jp.com/kushiro/ Descent of the Holy Spirit Church]
=== Morioka ===
*Holy Cross Church
=== Nakaniida ===
*Baptism of Our Lord Church
=== Sanuma ===
*Transfiguration of Our Lord Church
=== Sapporo ===
*[http://www.orthodox-jp.com/sapporo/ Transfiguration of Our Lord Church]
=== Sendai ===
*Annunciation of the Theotokos Cathedral
=== Shari ===
*Annunciation of the Theotokos Church
=== Shirakawa ===
*Presentation of the Theotokos Church
=== Takashimizu ===
*Transfiguration of Our Lord Church
=== Tomakomai ===
*Nativity of Our Lord Church
=== Wakuya ===
*St. Isaiah the Prophet Church
=== Yamada ===
*Annunciation of the Theotokos Church
==External links==
*[http://www.orthodox.jp/ Church of Japan Main Website]
*[http://www.orthodoxjapan.jp/ Church of Japan website]
*[http://www.orthodox.jp/Tokyo/ Diocese of Tokyo]
*[http://www.orthodox-jp.com/westjapan/ Diocese of Western Japan Website]
*[http://www9.ocn.ne.jp/~higashi/ Diocese of Eastern Japan Website]
*[http://www.orthodox-jp.com/westjapan/enlish-churchinfo.htm Parish Listing in Western Japan Diocese]
*[http://www.orthodox-jp.com/maria/English-index.htm The Orthodox Church Singing in Japan]
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