List of Western-Rite parishes in Australasia

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This is a listing of parishes that use the Western Rite.

New Zealand

  • Saint Simon & Saint Jude in Ashley, New Zealand, served by Archpriest Jack Witbrock (AOA). [1]
  • Saint George Orthodox Mission in Wellington, New Zealand, served by Rev. Dr Ian Nield. The Wellington mission alternates weekly between celebrating Western and Byzantine rite (AOA). [2]


  • Saint Petroc Monastery in Cascades, Hobart, Tasmania, served by Hieromonk Michael (Mansbridge-Wood) (ROCOR). [3]
  • St. Stephen Orthodox Chapel in South Launceston, Tasmania, served by Fr. Barry Jeffries (ROCOR). [4]


  • St. Cuthbert Mission in Melbourne served by Fr. Geoffrey Harvey (AOA). [5]