List of Romanian Saints

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This is a list of Romanian saints.

  • Saint Apostle Andrew the First-Called

Feast day: November 30

Hierarch and priests

  • Saint Hierarch Martyr Antim the Ivirian

Feast day: september 27

  • Saint Bretranion, Bishop of Tomis

Feast day: January 25

  • Saint Hierarch Calinic of Cernica, Bishop of Râmnic

Feast day: April 11

  • Saint Hierarch Ghelasie of Râmeţ

Feast day: June 30

  • Saint Hierarch Irineu Bishop of Sirmium

Feast day: April 6

  • Saint Hierarch Pahomie of Gledin

Feast day: april 14

  • Saint Hierarch Elijah Iorest, Metropolitan of Ardeal

Feast day: April 24

  • Saint Hierarch Joseph the Confessor, Metropolitan of Maramureş

Feast day: April 24

  • Saint Hierarch Joseph the New of Partoş

Feast day: September 15

  • Saint Hierarch Theotim, Bishop of Tomis

Feast day: April 20

  • Saint Hierarch Savas Brancovici, Metropolitan of Ardeal

Feast day: April 24

  • John of Galeş, the confessor priest

Feast day: October 21

  • Saint Hierarch Gregory the Teacher (Dacălul), Metropolitan of Ţara Românească

Feast day: 22 June

  • Saint Hierarch Niceta of Remesiana

Feast day: June 24

  • Saint Hierarch Leontie, bishop of Rădăuţi

Feast day: July 1

  • Moses Măcinic of Sibiel, the Confessor Priest

Feast day: October 21

  • Saint Niphon, Patriarch of Constantinopol, and Metropolitan of Ţara Românească

Feast day: august 11

  • Saint Bishop Peter Mogila, Metropolitan of Kiev

Feast day: December 22

The Venerables

  • The Venerable Antipa of Calapodeşti

Feast day: January 10

  • The Venerable Anthony of Iezeru-Vâlcea

Feast day: November 23

  • Saint Venerable George of Cernica

Feast day: December 3

  • The Venerable Daniel the Hermit

Feast day: 18 December

  • The Venerable Dimitrie the New of Basarabi

Feast day: september 27

  • Saint Bishop Dosoftei, Mitropolitan of Moldavia

Feast day: December 13

  • Saint Venerable Gregory the Decapolit

Feast day: 20 November

  • The Venerable Germanus of Dobrogea

Feast day: 29 february

  • Saint Venerable John Iacob Hozevitul

Feast day: august 5

  • The Venerable John Cassian the Romanian

Feast day: february 29

  • Saint Venerable John of Prislop

Feast day: september 13

  • The Venerable Nicodim of Tismana

Feast day: December 26

  • Saint Venerable Onufrie of Vorona

Feast day: 9 september

  • Saint Venerable Paraschiva of Iaşi

Feast day: October 14

  • Saint Venerable Paisie of Neamţ

Feast day: November 15

  • The Venerable Confessor Sofronie of Cioara

Feast day: October 21

  • Saint Stephen the Greate

Feast day: July 2

  • Saint Venerable Theodora of Sihla

Feast day: august 7

  • Saint Venerable Basil of Poiana Mărului

Feast day: april 15

  • The Venerable Visarion the Confessorul

Feast day: October 21

The Martyrs

  • Saint Martyrs Claudiu, Castor, Sempronian and Nicostrat

Feast day: November 9

  • Saint Martyr Dassie

Feast day: November 20

  • Saint Martyrs Donat and Venust

Feast day: august 21

  • Saint Martyrs Ermil and Stratonic

Feast day: January 13

  • Saints Martyrs Epictet and Astion

Feast day: July 8

  • Saint Martyr Emilian of Durostor

Feast day: July 18

  • Saint Philoftheia (Philothea) of Curtea de Argeş

Feast day: December 7

  • Saint Martyr Hermes

Feast day: December 31

  • Saint Martyr John the Valah

Feast day: may 12

  • Saint Martyr John the New of Suceava

Feast day: June 2

  • Saint Martyr Iuliu Veteranul

Feast day: may 27

  • Saint Martyr Isihie

Feast day: june 15

  • Saint Martyr Lup

Feast day: august 23

  • Saint Martyrs Montanus and Maxima

Feast day: March 26

  • Saints Martyr Nicandru and Marcian

Feast day: june 8

  • Saint Martyr Oprea of Săliştea

Feast day: October 21

  • Saint Martyrs Pasicrat and Valentin

Feast day: april 24

  • Saint Martyr Romul and Saint Martyr Silvan

Feast day: august 21

  • Saint Martyr Sava of Buzău (the Goth)

Feast day: april 12

  • Saint Martyr Theodosie of Brazi

Feast day: september 23

  • Saint Marty Zotic, Atal, Camasis şi Filip of Niculiţel

Feast day: june 4

  • Saints Martys Brâncoveni - Constantin, Stephen, Radu and Mathew

Feast day: august 16