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'''List of Metropolitans and Patriarchs of [[Church of Serbia|Serbia]]''' __NOTOC__
The [[synaxis]] of the Serbian hierarchs is celebrated on [[August 30]].
==Archbishops and Patriarchs of Žica and Peć==
===Archbishop of Žica, 1219-1233===
*St. [[Sava of Serbia|Sava I]] 1219-1233
===Archbishops of Peć, 1233-1337===
*St. [[Arsenius I (Sremac) of Pec|Arsenije I Sremac]] 1233-1263
*St. [[Sava II of Pec|Sava II of Peć]] 1263-1271
*Danilo I (Daniel I) 1271-1272
*St. [[Joannicius I of Pec|Joanikije I]] 1272-1276
*St. [[Eustatius I of Pec|Jevstatije I]] 1279-1286
*St. Jakov  1286-1292 (James)
*St. Jevstatije II (Eustatius II), 1292-1309
*St. [[Sava III of Pec|Sava III]] 1309-1316
*St. [[Nikodemus I of Pec|Nikodim I]] 1316-1324
*St. [[Daniel II of Pec|Danilo II]] 1324-1337
*St. [[Joanicius II of Pec|Joanikije II]] 1337-1346 ''raised Patriarch 1346''
===Patriarchs of Peć, 1346-1766===
*1 St. [[Joanicius II of Pec|Joanikije II]] 1346-1354
*2 St. [[Sava IV of Pec|Sava IV]] 1354-1375
*3 St. [[Ephraem of Pec|Jefrem]] (''1st time'') 1375-1380
*4 St. [[Spyridon of Pec|Spiridon]] 1380-1389
*(3) St. Jefrem (''2nd time'') 1389-1390
*5 Danilo III (Daniel III) 1390-1396
*6 Sava V 1396-1407
*7 Danilo IV (Daniel IV) 1407
*8 Saint Kirilo I (Cyril I) 1407-1418
*9 Saint Nikon 1418-1435
*10 Teofan (Theophanes) 1435-1446
*11 Nikodim II (Nikodemus II) 1446-1453
*12 Arsenije II (Arsenius II) 1453-1459
*(13) Jovan (John) 1508 (''Disputed'')
*(14) Marko (Marc) 1524 ''locum tenens''
*(15) [[Paul I of Pec|Pavle of Smederevo]] 1527-1535 ''disputed''
*(16) Nikanor 1550-1557 ''disputed''
*13(17) St [[Makarije (Sokolovic) of Pec|Makarije Sokolović]] (Macarius) 1557-1570/71
*14(18) Antonije Sokolović (Antony) 1570/71-1575
*15(19) Gerasim Sokolović 1575-1585
*16(20) Savatije Sokolović (Savatius) 1585-1586
*17(21) Jerotej Sokolović (Hieroteos) 1586-1591
*18(22) Filip Sokolović (Philip) 1591-1592
*19(23) St.Jovan Kantul (John II) 1592-1613
*20(24) [[Paisius I of Pec|Pajsije I of Janjevo]] 1613-1647
*21(25) St. [[Gabriel I of Pec|Gavrilo I]] 1648-1655
*22(26) St. [[Maximus I of Pec|Maksim I of Skoplje]] 1655-1672
*23(27) [[Arsenius III (Carnojevic) of Pec|Arsenije III Crnojevic]] 1672-1690; later Metropolitan of Karlovci
*24(28) [[Kalinik I of Pec|Kalinik I]] (Callinicus I) 1693-1710
*25(29) Atanasije I (Athanasius I) 1711-1712
*26(30) Mojsije Rajović (Moses) 1712-1725
*27(31) [[Arsenius IV (Jovanovic-Sakabenta) of Pec|Arsenije IV Jovanović Šakabenta]] 1725-1737; later Metropolitan of Karlovci
*28(32) [[Joanicius III of Constantinople|Joanikije III Karadža]] (Joannicius III) 1737-1746
*29(33) Atanasije II Gavrilović (Athanasius II) 1746-1752
*30(34) Gavrilo II Mihić Mihajlović (Gabriel II) 1752
*31(35) Gavrilo III Nikolin (Gabriel III) 1752-1758
*32(36) Vikentije I Stefanović (Vicentius I) 1758
*33(37) Pajsije II (Paisius II) 1758
*34(38) Gavrilo IV (Gabriel IV) 1758-1759
*35(39) Kirilo II (Cyril II) 1759-1763
*36(40) Vasilije Jovanović Brkic (Basil) 1763-1765
*37(41) Kalinik II (Callinicus II) 1765-1766
==Metropolitans and Patriarchs of Karlovci==
===Metropolitans of Krušedol, 1691-1716===
*[[Arsenius III (Carnojevic) of Pec|Arsenije III Crnojević]] 1691-1706; former Patriarch in Pec (1672-1691)
*Isaija (Đaković) (1708)
*Sofronije (Podgoričanin)(1710-1711)
===Metropolitans of Karlovci, 1708-1842===
*Vikentije (Popović Hadžilavić) (1713-1725) ''transfered see from Krušedol Monastery in Sremski Karlovci'' 1718
*Mojsije (Petrović) ''Metropolitan of Belgrade'' (1713-1730) and ''Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovci'' (1726-1730)
*Vikentije (Jovanović) ''Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovci'' (1731-1737)
*[[Arsenius IV (Jovanovic-Sakabenta) of Pec|Arsenije IV Jovanović Šakabenta]] 1737-1748; former Patriarch in Peć (1725-1737)
*Pavle Nenadović (Paul) 1749-1768
**Danilo (''[[locum tenens]]'') 1768-1769 
*Jovan Đorđević (John) 1768-1773
**Mojsije (''locum tenens'') 1773-1774
*Vikentije (Vicentius) 1774-1780
*Mojsije Putnik (Moses) 1780-1790
**Petar (''locum tenens'') 1790
*Stefan  Stratimirović (Stephen ) 1790-1836
*Stefan  Stanković (Stephen ) 1836-1841
**Georgije (''locum tenens'') 1841-1842
*Josif Rajačić (Joseph) 1842-1848 ''raised to Patriarch 1848''
===Patriarchs of Karlovci, 1848-1920===
*1 Josif Rajačić (Joseph) 1848-1861
*2 Samuilo Maširević (Samuel) 1863-1870
**Arsenije Stojkovic (''1st time'') (''locum tenens'') 1870-1872
**Nikanor Grujic (''locum tenens'') 1872-1874
**Arsenije Stojković (''2nd time'') (''locum tenens'') 1874
*3 Prokopije Ivačković (Procorpius) 1874-1879
*4 German  Anđelić (Germanius) 1879-1888
*5 Georgije  Branković (George) 1888-1907
*6 Lukijan Bogdanovic (Lucian) (1908-1913
**Miron Nikolic (''1st time'') (''locum tenens'') 1913
**Mihailo Grujic (''locum tenens'') 1913-1914
** Miron Nikolic (''locum tenens'' ''2nd time'') 1914-1919
** Georgije Letić (''locum tenens'') 1919-1920
==Metropolitans of Belgrade and Patriarchs of Serbia==
==Metropolitans of Belgrade, 1766-1905==
*Jeremija (Jeremiah) 1766-1784
*Dionisije I (Dionysius I) 1785-1791
*Metodije (Methodius) 1791-1801
*Leontije (Leontius) 1801-1813
**Hadži Milentije (''locum tenens'') 1810
*Dionisije II (Dionysius II) 1813-1815
**Melentije (''locum tenens'') 1815-1816
*[[Agathangelus I of Constantinople|Agatangel]] 1816-1825
*Kiril (Cyril) 1825-1827
*Anthimos (Antim) 1827-1830
===Autonomous Metropolitans of Belgrade and Principality of Serbia 1830-1879===
*Melentije Pavlović (Melentios) 1830-1833
*Petar Jovanović (Peter) 1833-1859
===Autocephalous Metropolitans of Belgrade and Kingdom of Serbia 1879-1905===
*Mihailo Jovanović (Michael) (''1st time'') 1859-1881
**Mojsije Veresić (''locum tenens'') 1881-1883
*Teodosije Mraović (Theodosius) 1883-1889
*Mihailo Jovanović (Michael) (''2nd time'') 1889-1898
*Inokentije Pavlović (Innocentius) 1898-1905
*[[Dimitrije (Pavlovic) of Serbia|Dimitrije Pavlović]] (Demetrius) 1905-1920 ''elected Patriarch of Serbia''
==Patriarchs of Serbia, 1905-present==
*38 [[Dimitrije (Pavlovic) of Serbia|Dimitrije Pavlović]] (Demetrius) 1920-1930
*39 [[Varnava (Rosic) of Serbia|Varnava Rosić]] (Barnabas) 1930-1937
**Dositej (''locum tenens'') 1937-1938)
*40 [[Gavrilo V (Dozic-Medenica) of Serbia|Gavrilo Dožić]] (Gabriel) 1938-1950
**Josif (''locum tenens'') 1941-1945
**Arsenije (''locum tenens'') 1950
*41 [[Vikentije II of Serbia|Vikentije Prodanov]] (Vicentius) 1950-1958
**Hrizostom (''locum tenens'') 1958
*42 [[German of Serbia|German Đorić]] (Germanius) 1958-1990
**Jovan (''locum tenens'') 1990
*43 [[Pavle (Stojcevic) of Serbia|Pavle Stojčević]] (Paul) 1990-present
== Patriarchal Succession ==
Patriarchs of Karlovci were not entred in Patriarchal dyptich. Also there is no entries between Arsenije II and St. Makarije. Confusion was made when Patriarch German was enlisted as 53rd archbishop of Peć. So some forign scholars were counting a lot of peoples of some actualy newer were patriarchs. (Marko, Jovan). Patriarch Pavle is 43rd Serbian Patriarch and 54th Primate of [[Church of Serbia]]. Patriarch Gavrilo Dožić was not entered as Gavrilo V, neither Patriarch Vikentije (Prodanov) as Vikentije II.
== See also ==
*[[List of Patriarchs]]
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