List of Parishes in Canada

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British Columbia

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  • St. Simeon Mission Parish, Ascot (SOC)
  • St. George Romanian Orthodox Mission, Brossard (Romanian Orthodox Church)
  • Sts. Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Community, Dollard Des Ormeaux (GOC)
  • St. Sergius of Radonezh Chapel, Lac Labelle [1] (OCA)
  • Monastère Orthodoxe De La Protection De La Mère De Dieu, Lachute (Romanian Orthodox Church)
  • Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Mansonville (ROCOR) (currently controlled by schismatics)
  • St. Nicholas Cathedral, Outremont (ROCOR)
  • Sts. Archangels Michael and Gabriel Romanian Orthodox Church, Saint-Laurent (Romanian Orthodox Church)
  • Holy Trinity Church, Westmount (SOC)

Chomeday Laval

  • St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, Chomedey Laval (GOC)
  • Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church, Chomeday Laval (GOC)


  • St. George Parish, Lachine (UOCC)
  • St. John the Martyr Church, Lachine (ROCOR)


  • St George Greek Orthodox Church (GOC)
  • Koimisis Tis Theotokou Greek Orthodox Church (GOC)
  • Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Church (GOC)
  • Archangels Greek Orthodox Community (GOC)
  • St. Irene & St. Markella Greek Orthodox Church (GOC)
  • St. Sophie Cathedral, Montreal (UOCC)
  • St. Mary The Protectress Parish, Montreal (UOCC)
  • St. George Church, Montreal (AOC)
  • St. Nicholas Church, Montreal (AOC)
  • Virgin Mary Church, Montreal (AOC)
  • St John the Baptist Romanian Orthodox Cathedral (Romanian Orthodox Church)
  • Saint Ivan Rilsky Eglise Orthodoxe Bulgare, Montreal (Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church)
  • St. Nicholas Mission, Montreal [2] (OCA)
  • Holy Brancoveanu Martyrs Mission, Montreal [3] (OCA)
  • Annunciation Church, Montreal [4] (OCA)
  • Ascension of the Lord Mission, Montreal (OCA)
  • The Sign of the Theotokos Church, Montreal (OCA)
  • St. Benoit de Nursie Church, Montreal [5] (OCA)
  • St. Seraphim Skete, Montreal & Rawdon [6](OCA)
  • St. Seraphim Cemetery, Montreal & Rawdon [7] (OCA)
  • St. Seraphim Church, Montreal & Rawdon [8] (OCA)
  • SS. Peter and Paul Sobor, Montreal & Rawdon [9] (OCA)

Quebec City

  • Evangelismos Greek Orthodox Community (GOC)
  • SS. Peter and Paul Mission, Quebec City [10] (OCA)
  • Holy Trinity Mission, Quebec City [11] (OCA)


  • Communaute Monastique de St. Seraphim de Sarov, Rawdon [12] (OCA)
  • Church of the Icon of the Mother of God of Kazan, Rawdon (ROCOR) (regular summer services only; otherwise occasional)

St. Hubert

  • St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Community, St. Hubert (GOC)
  • St. Marina Greek Orthodox Church, St. Hubert (GOC)

Ville La Salle

  • St. Dionysios Greek Orthodox Community, Ville La Salle (GOC)
  • St. Efstratios Greek Orthdox Community, Trois-Rivieres (GOC)

New Brunswick

  • St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Community, St. John (GOC)

Nova Scotia

  • Sts. Anargyroi Greek Orthodox Community, Glace Bay (GOC)
  • Hermitage of the Annunciation, Watford [13] (OCA)



  • Greek Orthodox Community of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's (GOC)

Prince Edward Island

  • SS. Peter and Paul Church, Charlottetown (AOC)

Yukon Territory

  • St. Nikolai Bishop of Zhitsa Mission, Whitehorse [15] (OCA)


Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada)

Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

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