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==More information==
==More information==
* [http://www.crlr.ro/lipoveni_religie.php General Presentation]
* [http://www.crlr.ro/lipoveni_religie.php General Presentation]
* [http://www.psse.ro Eparchy of Slava]
* [[wikipedia:Lipovan_Orthodox_Old-Rite_Church]]
* [[wikipedia:Lipovan_Orthodox_Old-Rite_Church]]
* [[wikipedia:Lipovans]]
* [[wikipedia:Lipovans]]

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The Lipovan Orthodox Oldritualist Church or Lipovan Orthodox Old-Ritualist Church is a non-canonical, traditionalist Eastern Orthodox Church, born of a schism within the Russian Orthodox Church in the 17th century (Old Believers) based in Romania (Lipovans). The head of the Church carries the title of Metropolitan of Belo-Krinitsa and All Old Orthodox Christians, and is resident in Braila (current titular : Leonty).

The Church is in communion with the Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church.


Lipovans are Russian Old Believers who fled Russia in order to escape the persecution of their faith. The first part of their name derives from an early church leader, (English form) Philip.


Three eparchies in Romania :

  • Eparchy of Braila and Tulcea
  • Eparchy of Slava
  • Eparchy of Bukovina and Moldova

One eparchy out of Romania (see in Oregon) for communities of USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and Georgia.

More information

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