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==External link==
==External link==
* [http://www.orthodox.net/questions/bright_week_1.html#a5 "What feast is celebrated Bright Friday?"], St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Dallas Texas
*[http://www.mgr.org/TheVeil.html The Miracle of The Veil] in Constantinople 911 AD.
*[http://www.mgr.org/TheVeil.html The Miracle of The Veil] in Constantinople 911 AD.

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An example of the icon of the Panagia the Life Giving Spring, from Messinias (Pilos, Greece)
Panagia the Life Giving Spring icon and monastery originate from Baloukli, just west of Constantinople, and the first monastery is built on the location of the garden that was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, sometime in the 5th century. This icon is commemorated by the Church on Bright Friday of each year.



  • Original monastery in Constantinople

Many monasteries bear the same name:


In Orthodox hymnography, the Theotokos is frequently compared with a Holy Fountain.

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