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His Beatitude Leontios of Cyprus was the Archbishop of Nea Justiniana and All Cyprus and the ruling hierarch of the Church of Cyprus for just over one month during the middle of the twentieth century. He had served as locum tenens for fourteen years before his election.


Abp. Leontios was born on March 3, 1896 in Limassol on the island of Cyprus. He received his education in theological studies at the University of Athens, in Greece, and at Columbia University, in New York. Before his election as archbishop of Cyprus he served as bishop of Paphos from 1930.

After the death of Abp. Kyrillos III in 1933, Bp. Leontios served as locus tenens during the stalemate with the British colonial government until 1946 when the law provisions subjecting the election of the archbishop to the British governor's approval were canceled. During his years as locum tenens Bp. Leontios strove to maintain operation of the Greek schools without British interference.

Abp. Leontios was elected Archbishop of Cyprus on June 20, 1947. He died just a little over a month later on July 26, 1947.

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Leontios of Cyprus
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Bishop of Paphos
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Kyrillos III
Archbishop of Cyprus
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Makarios II
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