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*[http://www.patriarchateofalexandria.com/index.php?module=news&action=details&id=870  Passing of Archbishop Kyrillos of Nafkratis
*[http://www.patriarchateofalexandria.com/index.php?module=news&action=details&id=870  Passing of Archbishop Kyrillos of Nafkratis]
[[Category: Bishops]]
[[Category: Bishops]]

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His Eminence Metropolitan Kyrillos (Economopoulos) of Nakratis was a retired hierarch of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa.


Metropolitan Kyrillos was born in Paphos in Cyprus in 1930. He attended the Theological Faculty of the University of Athens, graduating in 1965.

He entered the Holy Orders in 1949 when he was ordained a deacon and received the name Kyrillos. In 1965, he was ordained a priest. After he was elected to the episcopate, Father Kyrillos was consecrated on March 11, 2001 as Metropolitan of the Archdiocese of Zimbabwe by Patriarch Petros VII of Alexandria]].

In 2002, he tendered his resignation. On March 14, 2003, he entered retirement on the island of Cyprus with the title of Metropolitan of Nafkratis. Metr. Kyrillos reposed on November 18, 2012.

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Kyrillos (Economopoulos) of Nakratis
Preceded by:
Makarios (Tillyrides)
Metropolitan of Zimbabwe
2001 - 2002
Succeeded by:
Theodoros II (Choreftakis)
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